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Beijing airport December 27, 2017, I was looking out the plane’s window, heading back to Calgary to start my own Real Estate Brokerage.

I wanted to build a Brokerage that allowed agents to immediately start or improve their business without a large cash outlay and make money in the present and future. I would offer the Agents the option to become Agent Owners through shares purchase.

I decided to name it Agents Own Realty.

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Wayne Watson

Broker / Owner

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Corporate Beliefs: The Brokerage's brand design is a cost and time-saving tool for its Agents. If used it allows the Agents to start a business on day 1. Agents Own Realty's Value Proposition is separate from its Agents Value Propositions. Its Corporate Identify, hopefully will attract like-minded Agent's and influence their Corporate Identify. Agents Own Realty's Corporate Statements and Values are targeted towards its Agents. The majority of Agents choose a Brokerage based on the commission split, not on return on investment or Brokerage support. A Brokerage must offer technology and back office service if its Agents are to succeed.

Success is a process The Agents Own Realty’s process lets the Agent do the things that make them money and the Brokerage offers services for all the other things that do not make the Agents money and hopefully help them with work/life balance.

Corporate Brand Identity Mission Help our Agents reach their full potential. Purpose Share our knowledge, experience, and passion to facilitate Real Estate transactions. Strategy Assist our Agents in developing their Brand Identity, areas of specialty, through Strategic Planning. Goal Profit by providing beneficial services for our Agents and their Clients. Vision Build a corporation that our Agents want to become owners in, through share purchases. Philosophy Putting our Agents and their Clients’ needs first and encourage our Agents to create work-life balance. Culture Be creative, caring, honest and always aspire to be better. Service Excellence Personalized solutions based on each client’s needs. Core Value To choose the right path even when no one is watching.

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Wayne Watson, Broker /Owner

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