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AGENTS OWN Realty Inc. is a Common Law Brokerage

AGENTS OWN REALTY Inc. is an Independent Real Estate Brokerage in Calgary Alberta that offers a Non-Traditional Service (a menu based option) and/or the Traditional Style of Real Estate Services.

The uniqueness of AGENTS OWN REALTY Inc. is that the Agents and Office Staff are all Shareholders and are all Licensed to Trade in Real Estate.

AGENTS OWN REALTY is a registered trade name.

AGENTS OWN REALTY Inc. is a member of Calgary Real Estate Board (CREB®)

Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA)

Transaction Brokerage for Designated Agency

Designated agency relationship, the service agreement is between the brokerage and the consumer, but the agency relationship is between the consumer and the real estate professional(s) designated as their agent(s).

In designated agency, although the service agreement is with the brokerage, the agency and fiduciary relationship is between the designated real estate professional(s), not the brokerage, and the consumer.

In a designated agency brokerage, designated agents do not share information with the brokerage or with the designated agents representing other buyers or sellers.

Transaction Brokerage for Common Law

The traditional, and most common, business model of real estate brokerages in Alberta is the common law brokerage. In a common law brokerage, when a consumer enters into a seller or buyer brokerage agreement, the agency relationship that is created is between the consumer (seller or buyer) and the brokerage (company).

In a common law brokerage is that the law deems that all persons in the brokerage have the same knowledge about the clients of the brokerage.

Customer relationship The Real Estate Act Rules (Rules) define a customer as: “a person who has contacted, but not engaged or employed, an industry member to provide services”

A person starts out as a customer before they become a client. The person may decide they would like to engage the real estate professional to assist them with their real estate needs. Assuming the real estate professional agrees to assist this person with their real estate needs, the relationship changes and the customer becomes a client.

Client relationship The Rules define a client as: “a person who has entered into a service agreement with an industry member, whether or not that service agreement is in writing”

A client can be a seller, buyer, landlord, or tenant who engages a real estate professional to assist them with their real estate needs. The real estate professional must represent the client’s best interests at all times and assist them with the real estate transaction.



REALTOR®, REALTORS® and the REALTOR® logo are certification marks owned by REALTOR® Canada Inc., a corporation jointly owned by the National Association of REALTORS® and CREA.

  1. REALTOR® must always be used to mean member of CREA.

  2. REALTOR® must not be used as a synonym for Real Estate Agent.

  3. REALTOR® may be used in slogans, firm, and team names.

  4. REALTOR® must not be used in product names.

  5. All uses of REALTOR® must be in all capital letters, followed by ®, the registered trademark symbol for the first use. Subsequent uses can appear as Realtor omitting the trademark.

Common names for REALTORS® are;

  1. Real Estate Agents

  2. Agents

  3. Associates

  4. Real Estate Professionals


Calgary Real Estate Board

CREB® doesn’t have logo guidelines specifically, however, if you use the word ‘CREB’, please ensure that you use the registered trademark sign ® after it. It should always appear like this: CREB®