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Fee For Service Option for Buyers


The menu of services is the same price "regardless of the list price"!


How it works;

The buyer pays for the services they choose in advance

Payments are nonrefundable.

Full credit of fees paid would be given if Buyer switches from

Fee For Service to Traditional Service.

Buyers will receive “paid by cheque” commission that the Seller paid to Agents Own Realty 

Disclosure of Fees charged and Rebate Offer;

REALTOR® Assisted MLS® Search $100 +gst

  • Pre approved letter from lender detailing terms & conditions

  • Agree on pre-search and Buyers view homes tasks

  • Create Auto Email ‘specific’ to Buyers criteria

  • Explain need for and benefits of preparing to submit an Offer to Purchase

  • Coach Buyers on how to arrange viewings for properties with listing Agent


REALTOR® Managed MLS® Search $1,500 +gst

  • Set up showings on properties of interest

  • Meet with Buyers to view the properties selected

  • Notify of price reductions on properties Buyers showed interest in

  • Immediately relay any & all updates & changes the Sellers Agent communicates to Agents Own Realty Agent

  • Review and if necessary make changes to the search criteria


REALTOR® assisted negotiations of offer and counter offer $1,500 +gst

  • Determine the Market Price on property Buyer wants to purchase

  • Agree upon offer price, terms & conditions

  • Present offer and counter offers using DocuSign

  • Request Sellers disclosure statements, include material Latent defects term Request copies of building and/or renovation permits, warranties

  • Ensure Purchase Contract, Addendums and Amendments are completed properly and delivered in a timely manner

  • Coordinate service providers and condition removals


Conveyancing $900 +gst

  • Forward offer and other documents to lawyers

  • Receive and distribute commission as per Broker / Client contract

  • Inspect the property 24 Hours prior to handover; Buyers have the option to attend

  • Meet Sellers Agent & Buyers at the premise on completion date

  • Hand over house keys, mailbox keys & garage door opener to Buyers

  • Close file and put into storage

Buyers Rebate / Cash Back:

Example, if the purchase price was $500,000
Buyer's agent's commission paid to Agents Own Realty Inc;

3.5% on first $100,000         =  $3,500
1.5% on balance amount      =  $6,000

Rebate / Cash Back to Buyer =  $9,500

* Sellers commissions and/or fees paid vary

Terms, Conditions & Prices are subject to change without notice.